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Do you wish to buy the Book, “Flexible Production”, by Maurizio Porta? Order it now and you will also receive a FREE copy of the “Industry 4.0” handbook!

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The training handbook on the Industry 4.0 principles alone has considerable market VALUE, but now you have the opportunity to receive it for FREE by purchasing the Book “Flexible Production” before the Timer runs out.

Are you looking to improve your production department?

Great! Then hold tight and listen carefully…

In 2005, I began studying and developing a method to assist my customers in becoming more productive and competitive through the use of their machine tools.

For over 10 years, I have been testing and honing the processes involved in this method, based on the main principles of Lean Manufacturing as well as gradually improving anything that has the potential to make production departments become the key to business success.

A tailored method for machine tool users, geared in particular towards Transfer Machine and Machining Center users.

This method gave birth to a new category of machine tools, namely Flexible machines, which are revolutionising the old production concept and are saving many companies.

Today, you can have access to this technology and use my Know-How, consisting of strategies and techniques that will help you understand how to make your production a success.

I decided to put down in black and white all I have studied and developed during these years, to help you address new market challenges in the best possible way.

I have written this book on Flexible Production in order to share with you, and with all the people who are somehow involved in the machining of custom parts through the removal of chips, helpful and stimulating thoughts and ideas to deal with the new challenges.

In this book, you will find strategies and techniques to make your production department and your company more competitive and efficient!

You now have the opportunity to have access to the most advanced production strategies on Flexible Production developed by Maurizio Porta in over 20 years of experience in the sector.

Yes, I want the book with Bonuses for only €18

(available in 9 languages)

Since 2008, everything has changed in the production business.

Using old strategies and business models, based on an old-style mentality, is no longer the right solution to survive in an ever-increasingly aggressive and demanding market.

It is essential to keep up with the latest technologies and the production methods that are riding the wave of change, turning a “seemingly” difficult moment into the right opportunity to make the difference in a specific sector.

The core concept is

  • I DO NOT WANT personnel directly involved in production
  • I DO NOT WANT an army of Robots
  • I DO NOT WANT to raise my fixed costs
  • I DO WANT to achieve the right balance between “Automation and Productivity”

It is thus clear that the solution you are looking for is NOT a machine that is more efficient than the one you already have, but a change in mindset and the implementation of a new business model for your company.

Nowadays, the key to the success of a production department lies within this concept and in the right balance between “Automation and Productivity”, which will prove helpful in generating more liquidity and cash flow.

You can then reinvest this liquidity and cash flow in your own company to beat your competitors and become a go-to company for customers.

Therefore, a method based on NUMBERS.

Yes, I want the book with Bonuses for only €18

(available in 9 languages)

2 bonuses FREE OF CHARGE for you!!

#Bonus 1 – “Industry 4.0” Handbook

By purchasing the Book “Flexible Production” before the Timer runs out, you will also receive FREE OF CHARGE the handbook “How Machine Tools are changing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” written by me before the regulation on the Industry 4.0 incentives entered into force. It is probably the ONLY book published before the Industry 4.0 tax incentives focusing on the true nature of the fourth industrial revolution, instead of on the tax system and incentives.

This training handbook on the principles of the Industry 4.0 alone has considerable market VALUE, but now you have the opportunity to receive it for FREE by purchasing the Book “Flexible Production” before the Timer runs out.

WARNING: the handbook “Industry 4.0” is no longer available for sale. In fact, I decided to pull it from the market due to its considerable value, and it is not available anywhere else. I suggest you hurry and take it quickly before the Timer runs out, since you will not have another chance to get hold of it.

#Bonus 2 – “Case History”

The book provides accounts from real entrepreneurs and production managers just like you, who decided to turn their production around, finally managing to overcome the price war and make their production a success.

You will then be able to see for yourself how companies using machine tools have benefited exponentially from this method.

What you will learn by reading this Book

  • A winning business model that will make you more competitive in dealing with market challenges and will provide you with the production-based mindset you need to make a qualitative leap.
  • How to overcome the price war, without tightening your belt anymore and, at the same time, obtaining more liquid assets for your company.
  • The 5 steps before purchasing a Machine Tool. A step-by-step guide to choosing the machine that best suits your needs.
  • How to enhance your productivity, without buying any new Machining Centers or increasing your fixed production costs, which today drain your company budget.
  • How to become more flexible and more competitive also on orders consisting of small to medium batches of products and still be productive, even if you have been using Transfer machines until today.

And much more.

About the author

Maurizio Porta is an entrepreneur who has been working in the Machine Tools sector and in production departments for over 20 years.

An internationally successful disseminator of competitive production methods and processes to address new market challenges for manufacturing companies, he created the “Flexible Production” method.

He devised and developed a new business model to assist companies in manufacturing only what they actually sell, without increasing their stocks, thus allowing companies to save on energy and personnel costs and increase the liquid assets at their disposal.

Yes, I want the book with Bonuses for only €18

(available in 9 languages)

WARNING! The contents of this book may hurt your sensibility and destabilise the concept of production you have used until today. If you want to keep managing your production department and your company by adhering to old business models and with an old mentality, please CLOSE this page.

On the contrary, if you really want to make a qualitative leap and face head-on the opportunities provided today by the manufacturing market, click the button below and take a copy of the Book Flexible Production Flexibility immediately!!

Yes, I want the book with Bonuses for only €18

(available in 9 languages)

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